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Team Category: Ambassadors


Yana, born and raised in Chernihiv, Ukraine, embarked on a journey to China and the Czech Republic, honing her language skills and appreciating the power of education. Despite distance, she remained connected to her roots and felt the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
Driven to help, Yana volunteered with Ukrainian refugees in Prague while staying connected to her hometown. As a primary link with a language and cultural exchange center in Chernihiv, she recognized the importance of education in empowering young people.
Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, Mandarin, English, and Czech, Yana is dedicated to making a difference and inspiring hope for her fellow Ukrainians by facilitating opportunities for life-changing experiences for children of the war.


Born and raised in a small Belarusian city, Tatiana was profoundly influenced by the stories of World War II survivors and her grandmother, a brave veteran of both World Wars. Growing up surrounded by the scars of conflict, she deeply empathized with the pain, suffering, and resilience of those who had endured so much.

Facing adversity from an early age, Tatiana learned the art of survival as she navigated life without clear guidance or support. At 16, her determination led her to Paris to begin her career at IMG Models after participating in numerous competitions and castings, all while mastering English with just three basic lessons. Eventually, she found her home in the United States.

Tatiana recognizes the immense value of education and support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly those affected by war. Through her work with the nonprofit, she aims to ensure these children never feel alone in their struggles, empowering them to create brighter futures for themselves and others.

Anastasiia Lysenko

Anastasiia was born and raised in Ukraine, city Mariupol, which got terrible destroyed. From a young age, she showed exceptional desire to make a positive impact on the world.

After completing her education, Anastasiia worked for several years in the private sector before deciding to pursue her passion for social justice through non-profit work. She joined an H x H, that focused on empowering children to have better education system and as the result endless opportunities in the adult life. Anastasiia remains determined to make a difference in the lives of others. Her work is invaluable to society, and her example serves as an inspiration to other Ukrainian women who aspire to make a positive impact on the world.