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Christina Shamrock

Born in Ukraine, Christina’s life was shaped by the experiences of her family, particularly her father who was an Afghan veteran. The horrors of war that he shared with her left a deep impression on her young mind, and she felt a sense of terror whenever she heard of military operations happening in the world.
Despite the fear, Christina remained steadfast in her commitment to helping others. For over a decade, she had been volunteering in New York, lending her time and energy to various causes that aimed to make a difference in people’s lives. However, her thoughts often drifted back to her hometown of Chernihiv in Ukraine, where her friends and family are now living amidst the ongoing conflict.
It was through her former classmate, Volodymyr, that Christina found a way to help.
Volodymyr created a volunteer organization that provided essential supplies and aid to the most vulnerable members of their community. Over time, the organization began to shelter displaced children who had lost their parents to the war.
One day, Volodymyr shared the story of a young boy named Ivan, who had missed a year of school due to the destruction caused by a Russian rocket. With the city focused on rebuilding infrastructure, there is no clear timeline for when schools would be restored. Children like Ivan were slowly losing their chance at education and a better future.
Christina and Volodymyr knew they had to act fast. They both spoke English fluently and believed that teaching English to the children would be a critical and easily-taught skill that could help them build a better future.
Their passion and dedication to helping children affected by war inspired them to create a non-profit organization that would provide education to children like Ivan. They believe that every child deserves the chance to receive an education, regardless of their circumstances.
No child should ever have to experience the brutal realities of war. While we cannot change the past, we can certainly shape the future. Together, we can help children like Ivan build a brighter future, one that is filled with hope and possibility.