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Elena Ulansky grew up in Eastern Europe before moving to the United States with her family as a teenager. Maintaining close ties with friends and family members in Russia, she knows firsthand the importance of education in shaping one’s future. Elena’s transformative experience in America allowed her to become an independent, financially stable, and socially established individual.

Returning to her small hometown in Russia for a high school reunion, Elena saw her former friends struggling with limited opportunities for success or happiness. She realized that the chance she had been given by moving to the West had made all the difference in her life. At that moment, Elena promised herself that if she succeeded, she would help children in similar circumstances by providing access to Western values, education, and support.

Now in her 30s, Elena believes the time has come to embark on this journey of giving back. As the founder of Hearts for Humanity, she is dedicated to helping children find their way to a future filled with freedom, success, and leadership. Through her unwavering commitment and personal connection to her cause, Elena is making a lasting impact on the lives of war-affected children in Ukraine.